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Summer is here! Summer time is about release for me. It is my way of preparing for a ‘new year’. It is my goal setting time. I do my new year resolutions in the summer time. You see, my year finishes with the August and starts with September. Maybe because I was born on September.…

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Legal storytelling

A very good friend of mine asked me why I became a writer. She also reminded me of the fact that I studied law and not literature! All my friends are wondering why anybody would trade a legal career for a career as a struggling writer? My family was mute about my ‘new endeavor’, or…

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My own experience reading with a child? My PR team told me I should write about how to get children to read a book given that I wrote several children’s book. Honestly, I don’t have a slightest idea. On the contrary, it was a personal struggle to get my youngest to follow a bedtime story.

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