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Summer is here!

Summer time is about release for me. It is my way of preparing for a ‘new year’. It is my goal setting time. I do my new year resolutions in the summer time. You see, my year finishes with the August and starts with September. Maybe because I was born on September. I don’t know why I live like this… I might as well put a Christmas tree on the boat.

During summer I exercise more, I get more organized, I spend more time with my family and friends, I read more books, I travel more, I eat healthier…I simply get more things done. I consume all the energy that I accumulated during my winter sleep and rest.

Having a more active approach to work, health and fitness for me is connected to the sun. I live the life to the fullest in the summer time. I barely watch television during the summer. I stay focused, disciplined and motivated through all the summer. Of course, I get crazy and party hard as well, but that does not break up my big goals. On the contrary, it builds them up.

Now that I became a mother, I educate my boys how to use the summer time to their advantage. I am aware they will eventually copy, to a certain extent, what I have set as an example. I was never afraid to show them my failures and shortcomings as well as my strengths. As a mother, I am intense!  I am though on my boys. I yell a lot and I set boundaries way before others do. I am strict! Discipline is a big thing in our house, but with a touch of humor.

During summer time, when school is out, I get to see what a good job I did as a mother with my children. If they want to spend time with me, I have succeeded. That is enough for me!  And so far, they think I am funny and smart. This will probably change…

Summer vacation with my family is a very active time. We live in a city with all the commodities that the city life can offer. We leave stress and comforts behind, by getting on a boat and sail. We practically live on a boat for a month, fish and explore the nature. Alone and with as little contact as possible with the civilization.

This direct contact with the nature makes possible for me to clean my soul during summer. For me it is not about a vacation, it is about a changing of a lifestyle. During the summer we actually don’t see a car and most of the time we don’t a have a cell signal. No wi-fi connection sometimes is very helpful.  I get in contact with myself, with my God and everything stops. In the silence surrounded with the nature I can hear my divine-self.

The best ideas I got where on an island in the middle of nowhere. The ideas we get as a family on our summer vacation more often become a content for my new book. The constant making up stories is fun for us.

We also read a lot of books on a boat or an island. There is not much else to do. I don’t allow screen time during summer. ‘Find something else to do’, is what I tell my boys. Reading and storytelling is a way for us to connect on the level that everything is possible. Unrealistic becomes realistic.  I try to tell my boys that everything in life is a story. Story that somebody invented it and is telling it! Therefore, invent an tell your own story to the world.

“If you can dream it, you can make!” is what I live by.